Non-Stitched Leather Radio Strap Set


  • Includes Radio Strap, Radio Holster and Anti-Sway Strap
  • Choice of hardware color
  • Name, set of numbers and initials embossed at no extra charge

Radio straps are 1.5” in width and feature a “Durham” style roller buckle to maximize securing. This will keep the strap from coming unbuckled even with wear and tear. I utilize a high quality Veg-Tan leather that, when coupled with a liner, yields an approximately 12-14 oz. heavy workhorse of a radio rig. All straps are handmade to order and treated with weather resistant oil and sealers. Lettering and up to 2 available stamps are included.

Fixed length available upon request (this is a single, non adjustable piece of strap with the same options available as the other straps).  This sizing will fit most but if you have a special sizing request then contact me. To check your fitment, use a rope, string or old strap slung across the shoulder as you would wear a radio rig and take that measurement. Keep in mind there will be a slight drop to the radio because of the radio bucket itself.

How to Measure

Using these steps will help assist to make sure you receive the best fit for your custom radio strap.

  1. You can use a piece of string, rope, or webbing. Place across your body from front to back over your shoulder.
  2. Bring the two ends together at your hip where you want the strap to attach to the radio holster.
  3. Measure the total length in inches. There will be a minimal drop due to the holster itself but this will give you an accurate idea of where your radio will sit.
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